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South Africa counts two of the Africa’s main mobile phone operators: MTN and Vodacom. However, the cost of data remains prohibitive to many South Africans. In fact, data is more expensive in South Africa than in many other African countries, where the same companies operate. 

In this context, TooMuchWifi offers an affordable alternative to data sold by mobile operators. In areas such as Langa, a township in Cape Town with a dozen hotspots, youngsters purchase vouchers from local traders, allowing them to access the web. In order to cover the cost and maintenance of the infrastructure, the success of a company operating in this sector relies on a strong penetration amongst and fairly quick adoption by its target market.

TooMuchWifi also delivers affordable premium internet to homes and businesses in underserved urban communities. TooMuchWifi assumes that its success will depend on the strength of the partnership it develops with the communities where it is present.

With a highly visible presence in township communities through networks of promoters and resellers, the company is also seeking to promote change in communities though its business model, by re-investing a portion of their revenue within the communities they serve through Salaries, Rent, Distribution of Earnings, and sponsoring high school students who contribute to social causes.