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Unemployment is one of South Africa’s most daunting structural challenges, with a staggering 34% of working-age South Africans out of a job at the latest count. This persistent problem, which has been compounded by the covid-19 pandemic, feeds into many of South Africa’s other problems, including poverty, inequality and crime.

In this context, Fix Forward is trying to be part of the solution to a more sustainable society by providing  a “market linkage” service that brings together job seekers and job providers in the construction industry. The company focuses on helping contractors from low-income areas in the construction and home services industry.

It not only functions as a marketplace for skilled contractors, it supports their business growth in a more holistic fashion, by providing support services like group workshops, coaching and mentoring. After eight years of existence, the company has adopted a leaner approach to business.

PS: Joshua Cox (founder and CEO of Fix Forward) apologised for his hair cut: Unexpected outcome of a 40th birthday party :)