3. Mathapelo Lesenyego and Nhlanhla Mhlanga: Gaulo on Point

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Mathapelo and Nhlanhla are a highly motivated young couple who ventured into business together. They are aged between 25 and 26-years-old and share one child together. They are the founders of the restaurant which they established in July 2020 which arose from their passion for food and the need to establish financial security for themselves.

Their restaurant offers African cuisine such as pap and chicken. As their restaurant is still in the development stages, they have plans to expand their menu offerings at the end of February this year to cater to various taste requirements. They also have plans to invest more equipment as the business grows so that they can prepare the meals faster.

They realize that they will still need to invest more in equipment so that they can be able to meet demand from customers as their business is growing. Their challenges include bookkeeping and marketing. They believe that if they can get their brand known all over Alexandra, and can get people to taste their food, they will be able to grow their business and expand to other areas soon. Their restaurant is located further away from the busy main road; however, their restaurant is surrounded by blocks of residential flats and a tavern where people buy and drink alcohol.  

We highly encourage you to read through the below piece from Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at LBS. To download the pdf, click on the thumbnail below.