1. Karabo Lebea: Fantastic Supercro Solutions

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Originally from the Northern Province of Limpopo, Karabo is a 29-year-old intellect who has invested greatly in his education. However, he has had to abandon the idea of furthering some of his studies due to financial challenges that he encountered. His undergraduate qualifications include civil engineering and building construction. He moved to Johannesburg in 2016 with the hope of using his qualification to find opportunities in the architecture division, when he realized the lack of opportunities in his province. After his unsuccessful job-seeking attempts, he was motivated to start his own business.

After much hard work, Karabo was able to save enough capital to extend his home so that he can establish two other businesses at the same location. One is an internet café; and another is a grilled meat takeaway stand, which is outside the internet cafe. The internet café and designing house plans are his main income streams. The internet café offers services such as printing, typing, scanning, school online applications, as well as software upgrades.

His main challenges include printer repairs which are often costly and an inconvenience to transport to; and from repairs. He has also observed fewer customers coming to the internet café since the covid 19 period has left the market for job seekers who flock to internet cafes scarce. Space is also a challenge for him as his premise is packed with equipment and there is no further room to expand. Karabo’s vision for his business is to have a shop in the mall where he can access more and different kinds of clientele.

We highly encourage you to read through the below piece from Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at LBS. To download the pdf, click on the thumbnail below.